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-===== Exporting names ===== +{{indexmenu_n>120}} 
-{{entry>40.Import & Export/13.Exporting names|*}}+====== 17.14. Exporting names ====== 
 +Choosing //Export names// from the //File// menu exports all the names (suppliers, patients, manufacturers, donors and customers etc.) in your data file in exactly the same way as for [[import_and_export:export_items|exporting items]].
-Choosing //Export names// from the //File// menu exports all the names (suppliers, patients and customers etc) in your data file in exactly the same way as for Export items... above. For the required field order, [[import_and_export:importing_names|See Import customers and suppliers.]]+The field order of the exported file and the contents of the various fields are exactly the same as for [[import_and_export:importing_names|importing names]] so please see there for details.
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 ---- struct data ---- ---- struct data ----
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