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 {{indexmenu_n>10}} {{indexmenu_n>10}}
-====== 11.01. Report basics ====== +====== 13.01. Report basics ======
- +
 Click // Report// , and this menu appears: Click // Report// , and this menu appears:
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-//Previous: [[preferences:general|15.01. General preferences]] Next [[reports:items_and_stock|16.02. Stock and items reports]]//+==== Output to Excel ==== 
 +Most reports can be output to an Excel file.  This is particularly helpful if you are wanting to analyse a large amount of data. 
 +As at July 2021, there are three methods of producing Excel reports from mSupply: 
 +  * **Quick reports** - Easiest to create, fastest to run, but least flexible in terms of formatting.  mSupply users can create these - refer [[reports:custom_reports#custom_reporting_tutorial|Custom reports]] 
 +  * **SRP reports** - More powerful than Quick reports 
 +  * **XL Plugin reports** - Most powerful in terms of formatting, but slowest in terms of operation. 
 +<WRAP center round info 60%> 
 +Sometimes new, more powerful versions of existing reports have been created using the XL Plugin specifically for the purpose of analysis using pivot tables and filters.  We have not wanted to delete the older reports, so we have kept them, and named the new report with **[Excel]** in the title. 
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%> 
 +Reports produced for Excel will sometimes not have the data formatted correctly, particularly, dates - refer to [[|this]]. 
 +==== Supervisor mode (reporting over mutiple stores) ==== 
 +If you wish to report over mutiple stores at once, you can be given permission to use Supervisor mode. When you are in this mode, report filter windows will have an additional store list added ot the window so that you can choose which stores' records are to be included in the report. 
 +See the [[other_stuff:misc_topics#supervisor_mode_-_all_stores|25.01. Miscellaneous topics: Supervisor mode - all stores]] page for details. 
 +|  //  Previous:  **[[reports:]]** | Next: **[[reports:items_and_stock]]** //  | 
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