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A name is a customer, supplier, patient, manufacturer or donor, or maybe a combination of these.

Field name Description Type Indexed
ID The unique ID given to this name Long *
Related to asset.name_id, backorder.name_id_customer, backorder.name_id_supplier, contact.name_ID, Goods_received_line.manufacturer_ID, HIS_encoutner.PATIENT_ID, item_line.name_ID, item_line.manufacturer_ID, item_store_join.non_stock_name_ID, list_group.name_id, list_name_join.name_ID, name_budget.name_ID, name_note.name_ID, name_stock_history.name_ID, name_store_join.name_ID, patient_medication.name_ID, purchase_order.name_ID, purchase_order_line.non_stock_name_ID, quote.names_ID, quote_line.manufacturer_ID, quote_line.name_ID, regimen_record.name_ID, repeat_table.name_ID, store.name_ID, transact.name_ID, web_favourite.name_ID, tender.benchmarkSupplier_ID,[goods_received]donor_id,[item_line]donor_id, [purchase_order]donor_id, [trans_line]donor_id
name Name's name Alpha *
barcode Set to the code field with an '*' at either end. Doesn't seem to be used for anything… Alpha
Benchmark True if name is a benchmark supplier, against which others' prices are to be compared Boolean
bill_address1 Billing address line 1 Alpha
bill_address2 Billing address line 2 Alpha
bill_address3 Billing address line 3 Alpha
bill_address4 Billing address line 4 Alpha
bill_address5 Billing address line 5 Alpha
bill_postal_zip_code Billing address postcode Alpha
Blood_Group Patients only: patient's blood group Alpha
category1_ID ID of the category1 level3 category this name has been assigned to Long *
category2_ID ID of the category2 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category3_ID ID of the category3 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category4_ID ID of the category4 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category5_ID ID of the category5 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category6_ID ID of the category6 category the name is assigned to Longint *
charge code Code to charge a name's transactions to when exporting Alpha *
code This name's code Alpha *
comment Comment stored against this name Text
connection_type The type of connection to the internet the name has: 1=low bandwidth, 2=high bandwidth Integer
country Billing address country Alpha
currency_ID Supplier only: ID of the currency this supplier uses Alpha
custom1 Custom field 1 contents - defined by user Alpha
custom2 Custom field 2 contents - defined by user Alpha
custom3 Custom field 3 contents - defined by user Alpha
custom_data Custom data stored as values and fields. Also facility code for DHIS2 data is placed here Object
customer True if this name is a customer Boolean *
date_of_birth Patients only: patient's date of birth Date
default_order_days The default number of days that this customer orders for in a customer stock history Integer
donor True if the name is a donor Boolean *
email Name's email address. You can put multiple email addresses here separated by commas. Alpha
ethnicity_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's ethnicity Longint *
fax Name's phone number Alpha
female Patients only: True if female, False if male Boolean
first Patients only: patient's first name Alpha *
flag Comma separated list of flags assigned to this name Alpha
freightfac Multiplier to apply to quote lines to account for freight charges. Real
group_ID ID of the department this name has been assigned to Long *
hold If true, you can't issue or receive items to/from this name Boolean
last Patients only: patient's last name Alpha *
latitude The degrees latitude of the name's location Real
longitude The degrees longitude of the name's location Real
manufacturer True if this name is a manufacturer Boolean *
margin The margin applied to the cost price of this supplier's goods to calculate the sell price Real
marital_status Patients only: patient's marital status Alpha
Master_RTM_Supplier_Code The code this supplier has in the RTM Longint *
Master_RTM_Supplier_name The name of this supplier in the RTM Alpha
middle Patients only: patient's middle name Alpha
mother_id Patients only: ID of the patient's mother (another patient) Longint *
national_health_number Patients only: patient's national health number Alpha
NEXT_OF_KIN_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's next of kin (another patient) Longint *
next_of_kin_relative Relation that is patient's next of kin e.g. 'Parent' Alpha
occupation_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's occupation Longint *
ordering_method The type of customer stock history this customer uses: im=imprest, sh=stock history Alpha
overpayment Amount overpaid to a customer from a supplier Real
PATIENT_PHOTO Patients only: patient's photo Picture
phone Name's phone number Alpha
POBOX Patients only: the patient's PO Box, part of their address Alpha
postal_address1 Postal address line 1 Alpha
postal_address2 Postal address line 2 Alpha
postal_address3 Postal address line 3 Alpha
postal_address4 Postal address line 4 Alpha
postal_address5 Postal address line 5 Alpha
postal_zip_code Postal address postcode Alpha
preferred If true this supplier is a preferred supplier when comparing bids in a tender Boolean
price_category The price category (A-F) this name is assigned to Alpha
print_invoice_alphabetical If true, invoice lines are printed in alphabetical order for this name Boolean
religion_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's religion Longint *
sacho The name's web login password BLOB
ship_address1 Shipping address line 1 Alpha
ship_address2 Shipping address line 2 Alpha
ship_address3 Shipping address line 3 Alpha
ship_address4 Shipping address line 4 Alpha
ship_address5 Shipping address line 5 Alpha
ship_postal_zip_code Shipping address postcode Alpha
supplier True if this name is a supplier Boolean *
title Patients only: patient's title (Mr, Ms etc.) Alpha
type (v3.5 on) “store” - a name associated with a mSupply virtual store
“invad” - a reserved name used for inventory adjustment transactions
“build” - a reserved name used for build transactions
“repack” - a reserved name used for repack transactions
“patient” - patients
“facility” - a supplier or customer who is external to your mSupply virtual store system (see booleans name.customer and name.supplier for differentiation)
Alpha *
url Web page of this name. Includes “http://” Alpha
web_id The user name used to log on to the web interface Alpha *
ZIP Postal address postcode Longint
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