21.04. Setting up authorisers

This feature is available from v4.01 onwards.

mSupply offers authorisation functionality for transactions. Users can be set up as authorizers through the Authoriser window. To create an Authoriser user, the user must first be set up with permissions to authorise transactions. This can be done through the Edit Users… module on the Special tab. Users can only authorise transactions if Can authorise is ticked in the 'User can:' listbox, as shown below.

Authorisers must be set up with a store, record type, and subtype. To begin setting up an authoriser, choose a store by clicking the + above the Store listbox. Choose the store for which you would like to create an authoriser for from the listbox that appears.

The Record Type determines the types of records(transactions) that the new authoriser can authorise. These can be either Request Requisitions, Response Requisitions, Customer Invoices, or Supplier Invoices. To choose the record type, click the + icon above the Record Type listbox and choose the required record type from the listbox that appears.

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