Abbreviations for dispensing

Choosing from the menu Special > Abbreviations allows you to enter directions quickly and accurately when dispensing medicines.

It is worth mentioning that abbreviations may also be used in other situations - e.g. if a significant number of customers live in the same locality, an abbreviated form of their address could be employed. Such abbreviations are created in the same way as described below.

As usual, you can sort the list by clicking on the column headers

Double-click an abbreviation to edit it.

Click the New button to add a new abbreviation.

Type an abbreviation and the text that it will expand to.

Click the Report button to construct a simple report listing all abbreviations. This report can be previewed or printed.

When you are issuing an item you can mix abbreviations and your own text to add common directions quickly.

Do not use actual words as your abbreviation, or else attempting to type the word will result in the expanded text appearing on your label!

If you change an abbreviation or add a new one, you will see the change immediately (v317 or later), but in a multi-user environment other users will have to log out and log in (use Switch user to do this quickly) to see the edited or added abbreviations.

Importing abbreviations...

The procedure for importing a file containing your abbreviations will be found here.

Printing a list

From the abbreviations window, click the Report button.

  1. Double-click on Abbreviation
  2. Double-click on Expansion
  3. Right-click on Detail and set font size to 8 or 9
  4. You can use the lines on the column headers to adjust column width
  5. Choose File > Generate to print the list

Item Default Directions

Once you have entered abbreviations, don't forget to enter the default directions for all common items. Instructions are here

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