9.06. Label printing preferences

For setting up a label printer for the first time, see Label Printer Installation

Choosing this item from the Special menu shows the printing Preferences window.

Note this is different from your Windows default printer. You are setting the default printer for mSupply to use.

The default mSupply printer is stored for each client computer - so each computer can be set to print to a different default printer. When you alter this setting, you are only altering it for the computer you are working at

To change the default printer, simply click the checkbox in the right-hand Default Printer column on the row of the printer you wish to use.

  • Click the New Printer button
  • Double-click the printer in the list.

  • Description Here you give the printer a name
  • Connection type
    • If you are connection with a network cable (recommended) choose network
    • If you are connecting with a serial cable choose serial
    • If you are connecting with USB choose USB
  • Port number For network connections this will usually be 9100
  • IP Address- the address of the printer e.g.
  • Label dimensions Enter width, height and margins in m.m.
  • Make this printer default - Checking this box means that the computer you are using will always print to this printer.
    • Important: this setting is “per computer” - you need to set each computer to have a default printer.
  • Reset printer You can use this button to send a command to the printer to reset it. Occasionally a printer may misbehave if it's memory is corrupted by an electricity spike or the like, and this button may help. If your printer is not behaving we recommend you contact Sustainable Solutions rather than charging ahead on your own.

 Printer USB Setup

Once your chosen computer is set up and installed, go to Special > Printing Preferences > Add new to add a new printer.
Set up the window as follows:
Description: name of the printer, used by users to identify it
Connection Type: USB
Address: the Windows name of the printer. This can be found in Control Panel > Printers and Scanners. This must be accurate as it is used to identify your printer. The name is written in the Printer properties inside the general tab.

Printer Properties

Label Bottom Margin: margin between top label and lower labels
Bottom Left Label Width: width of bottom left label

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