22.18. Misc labels

This function allows you to create and save labels that you can print at any time from a label printer. Before actually printing the labels you create using this function, you must setup the printer and configure it in mSupply's setting - see the Label printer installation and Printing preferences (setup) section for information about this.

To access the function, choose the Special > Misc labels menu item. A window displaying a list of all the currently saved labels appears:

The labels are designed to print to plain 90mm x 40mm (w x h) labels from a Zebra label printer. Please contact us if you require support of other printers and other label formats.

Double-click an item in the list to edit/print that label, or click the New button to add a new one. The window for adding a new label or editing an existing one looks like this (the only difference is that when editing an existing label, the window will be populated with the label's current settings):

This is for normal layout

  • Label name: This field will not print on the label, it is for you to identify the label in the list. It is shown in the list of available labels when the Misc labels menu item is chosen.
  • Heading, Body, Footers: These fields will print on the label in roughly the position that they are on the screen. Note that if you enter a very long left and right footer they may overlap in the middle of the label. Print a single test label to check first.

This is for printing the same thing multiple times on the same label:

  • Layout: Select “2” for the same thing printed twice on the label, side by side. Select “4” for the same thing to be printed 4 times on the label in a 2×2 grid layout.
  • Body: The text you want printed on the label

The buttons at the bottom of the window:

  • Print button: Clicking this button will print the number of labels specified in the Quantity to print field to your label printer using the format you have defined using the various fields.
  • Cancel button: Clicking Cancel will close the window without saving any changes you have made.
  • OK Button: Clicking OK will save any changes you have made and close the window. (Note that the quantity to print is not saved - it is reset to 1 each time you open the window).

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