17.18. Exporting invoices to Moneyworks

If you are using Moneyworks accounting software, you can export invoices directly to Moneyworks.

If you have turned this option on in the Preferences, rather than exporting a text file to disk, mSupply will attempt to connect to Moneyworks, and directly send the invoice data to Moneyworks, where a debtor invoice is created for each invoice in mSupply. You can then use Moneyworks superb statement production (with full control over the form design) along with it's open item handling of debtor and creditor payments to take over the handling of payments and receipts. Contact info@sussol.net if you would like more information.

Finalising. Note that if “export invoices when finalising” is turned on in the Preferences, invoices that have been finalised but not yet given an export batch will also be included in the list. If any such invoices exist you will be alerted to the fact. A text file called “supplier_invoice_expt.txt” will be created at the location you have specified in the Preferences.

Note: if you are using mSupply in Client/Server mode, exports will be sent to the “export” folder located in the same folder as the 4D client application.

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