17.17. Exporting invoices

From the Customer menu the Export invoices command exports any customer invoice to a file. The file created is in a special format that can be imported into another copy of mSupply using the Supplier>Import invoice… menu command. Do not use this command for sending invoices to customers for them to view or print - use a PDF file for that purpose.

When using this command you will be asked to enter an invoice number. The default choice is the last invoice created. The invoice will exported to the export folder you have set in the Preferences, and will be labeled with the invoice number.

Before you can export, you must set your “own code” in Preferences > Misc > 'own code for electronic invoices'. This is the supplier code that your customers will use to identify you when importing the invoice.

Once the invoice is exported, you will be told where to find the file on your hard disk.

  • Last modified: 2023/01/24 16:15
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