5.02. Contacts

This command from the Special menu displays a window where you can edit contacts.

Contacts are usually associated with a name (a customer or supplier), and it is easier to edit such contacts using the “show suppliers…” or “show customers…” command.

If a contact is not associated with a name, you can edit details for that contact using this command.

Buttons in the contact list window

New: Use to add a new contact.

Report: Presents the Quick report editor window. See Using the Query Search editor

Find: Use to find an individual contact

Order by: sort the contacts

Print: clicking this button will present you with a dialog with two choices:

  • If you click list a list will be printed of the records in the window.
  • If you choose labels, you will be shown the label editor, allowing you to print a set of address labels for the current list of contacts. Note that you can save a particular label layout and then use the load command in the label editor to restore your layout.

New: To edit a contact, double-click on the line you want to edit. You will be shown the contact details:

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