26.08. Bulk Store Preferences Editor

The Bulk Store Preferences Editor allows changing preferences and other properties for many (or all) stores at once. This will be particularly useful in any system where you have many stores in a single datafile.

For a user to be able ot use this function, they must have the Edit store details permission turned on (see the Managing users section for details).

Open the editor by choosing the Special > Bulk edit store preferences… menu item. This window will open:

The editor allows editing of basic Preferences, Custom Data (Not yet implemented but coming soon!) and Tags (Not yet implemented but coming soon!). Preferences are selected by default when the window opens but click one of the others in the top panel if you want to work with another type of store setting:

The Preferences table in the left hand panel shows all the available settings of the type specified above. The Stores list in the right hand panel shows all the stores in your datafile that you can edit the settings for (normal stores, dispensaries and report type stores).

When you select a Preference, the Stores list shows the current settings for each of the stores in the Current column - this column is read only and can't be changed.

To change a selected preference, click on the checkbox in the New column to switch the preference on or off.

You can apply a setting to all displayed stores with the All/None checkbox on the far right panel. If you want to undo what the All/None button did then click on the Reset button.

Once you're done making changes for this preference, click the Save Changes button to write your preference settings to the database. The Current column will be updated with the new settings to reflect the saved changes.

Please note: You must save changes before switching to another setting, or your changes will be lost. mSupply won't stop you moving to another preference before saving changes but it will tell you if you lose unsaved changes.

If you only wish to make changes to a subset of stores, you can filter the Stores list with the Filter stores bar in the top panel:

When you click the text entry field, you will be presented with a simple query editor:

Submitting this query will update the list of Stores to match the query you created. Restore the full list of Stores with the Reset Filter button.

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