The aggregator table is refreshed daily, and allows quick access to important metrics that are otherwise slow to calculate.

field type description
storeID text dimension
itemID text dimension
yearMonth text dimension
fullDate date dimension
dataElement text name of the metric
value real actual value

Value Comment
monthlyConsumption Sums consumption for each month there is consumption Consumption in this case = (transaction.type = 'ci' and transaction.status in ('cn', 'fn'))
AMC Sums all consumption (using dataElement = 'monthlyConsumption') and divides by number of months with consumption
stockConsumption For every day there is a customer invoice, aggregate consumption
stockMovement For every day there is stock movement, sums up supply and subtracts sum of consumption
stockHistory Reverse ledger (using dataElement = 'stockMovement'), records stock level at the end of each day where stock movement existed
monthlyDOS Calculate number of day per month where stock was 0
realAMC Formula for realAMC = Consumption Sum / (Number of Months With Consumption - (totalDOS/30.5))
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