24.01. Main tables

Name of table Description of table
Agreggator Stored metrics for use in reports
Drug_Register Drug Registration records (for use in the Drug Registration module)
Items An item record is created for each product or service purchased or supplied
Item_line Each batch of stock at a particular location has one item_line record
Names Each patient, customer or supplier has one name record
Purchase Orders One record is created for each purchase order to a supplier
Purchase Order Lines Each record is an order for one item on a purchase order
Quotes and Quote Lines Quotations submitted by suppliers
Requistions Tables that store customer submitted stock and order data
Stock take and Stock take lines Stock takes and their related records
Store Information about a particular virtual store
Tenders and Tender Lines Tenders created to invite quote submissions from suppliers
Transactions A transaction record is stored for each invoice
Transaction lines One transaction line record is created for each line on an invoice

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