11.04. Cash register

The Cash Register shows all movements of cash in and out, and the current cash balance. It can be used for managing cash reconciliation in a store.

1. Click the Special tab in the navigator.

2. Click the Cash Register button.

3. The Cash Register will open. You can see the Current register balance and, for each transaction:

  • Who the cash was received from or paid to
  • Payment type, where rc is a cash receipt and ps is a supplier payment
  • Amount received or paid, where a positive number is cash in and a negative number is cash out
  • Date of the transaction
  • Other details such as reasons and comments

All transactions involving cash movement will be automatically added to the cash register. For example, receiving payments for prescriptions or making payments of supplier invoices.

You can set permissions to allow users to manually add cash in or take cash out from the cash register. For example, this may be necessary for depositing cash in the bank.

1. Go to Admin > Edit Users > double click user name.

2. In the Permissions (2) tab, check the Create cash transactions box to allow the user to perform manual cash in/out transactions.

3. Click OK until you return to the navigator screen.

Once permissions are set:

1. Click the Special tab in the navigator.

2. Click the Cash Register button.

3. Click the Add transaction button. Note: If the user does not have permission to make cash register transactions, an error message will appear and they will not be able to proceed.

4. Add the Name of the person/organisation to which the transaction relates.

5. Select the Transaction Type from the dropdown list: Cash out (remove) or Cash in (add).

6. Enter the Amount of cash being removed or added.

7. If you are making a cash out transaction and the Option dropdown list is activated, you must select a reason for removing cash. You may also add a Description to give further details of the transaction.

You can set a list of standard Options for the user to select from when removing cash from the register.

8. Review the New Cash Register Balance, which will be automatically calculated.

9. Click OK, then click Save & Close to finalise the transaction. Once finalised, the transaction can no longer be edited.

10. The new transaction will now appear in your cash register and the Current register balance will be updated.

1. Click the Special tab in the navigator.

2. Click the Cash Register button.

3. Click the Print button.

4. An Excel spreadsheet will open containing the same information as the cash register window. You can now save and/or print the spreadsheet from Excel.

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