13.10. Options (standard reasons)

You can create a list of options (or reasons) for the user to select from when they use perform certain transactions in mSupply. Options are an alternative to the user typing free text, and can help standardise information being recorded in mSupply.

You can enter options for:

  • Requisition Line Variance: Reasons for a variation between the suggested quantity and entered quantity in a requisition line.
  • Positive Inventory Adjustment: Reasons for a positive adjustment between the snapshot quantity and entered quantity in a stocktake line (i.e. Why is there more stock than expected?).
  • Negative Inventory Adjustment: Reasons for a negative adjustment between the snapshot quantity and entered quantity in a stocktake line (i.e. Why is there less stock than expected?).
  • New Cash Out Transaction: Reasons for a cash out transaction.
  • Payment Type: Types of payment options (e.g. cash, credit card) for prescriptions.

Options must be added on the central server and will then sync to other sites.

1. Navigate to the Admin tab and click the Preferences button.

2. Select Options from the list on the left.

3. Select the transaction type requiring options from the dropdown list.

4. Click the Add Option button.

5. Enter a name for the option, then press OK.

Once an option is saved, it cannot be deleted. Check carefully before pressing OK! If you need to prevent an option being available for selection by users then make it inactive. This will mean old options can be displayed correctly in historical records but they are no longer available for use by users.

All options in use have the Active box ticked and will now appear for selection in the given transaction type. The user must select an option to complete the transaction.

If an option is no longer in use, uncheck the Active box to remove it from the list of options available for a user to select.

This section shows how options appear in each transaction type after they are created.

When creating a Requisition:

If the User Requested Quantity differs from the Calculated Quantity, an option must be selected from the list in the Reason column. The list of options will automatically appear when a different User Requested Quantity is entered.

When creating a Stocktake:

If the Enter Quantity or Stock Take Quantity (actual stock count) differs from the Snapshot Quantity (what mSupply thinks you should have), a reason must be selected from the Adjustment Reason dropdown list.

If an adjustment reason is not selected, an error message will appear. You will not be able to proceed until an option is selected.

When creating a new Cash Out transaction:

A reason must be selected from the Option dropdown list.

When creating a Prescription in a dispensary where you receive payments:

An option must be selected from the Payment Type dropdown list when confirming the payment.

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