10.05. Prescribers / Clinicians

Updated version 4.10 Updated version 4.12 Updated version 5.01

From the Special menu choose Prescribers

When you are in dispensary mode, issuing items to a patient allows you to add a prescriber. This menu item allows you to set up your list of prescribers.

To add a new prescriber, click the “New” button.

Add a code for the presciber. You can use the code quickly to look up the prescriber when dispensing. Any non-printable characters before or after the code will be removed and any spaces or non-printable characters in the code will be replaced with an underscore (_).

Other fields are fairly self-explanatory. Note that the code, first name and last name can all be used for looking up prescribers when dispensing. Also note that any non-printable characters before or after the Last name or First name values will be removed and any non-printable chanracters in either of the values will be replaced with an underscore (_) - this will make sure that your searches work as they should!

From version 4.10, prescribers will have a home store like patients (see the 10.03. Patients page for details), which will be the current store for new prescribers or the store with the most recent prescription (assigned during the version upgrade):

  • A prescriber can only be edited in any dispensary store which is active on the same site as the home store (i.e. on their Home site). This ensures that it can only be edited in one location at a time
  • From version 4.12 it is possible to edit the home store (if you're logged into the primary server). Doing this will make the prescriber available to the new home site. If the prescriber has previous prescriptions from stores which are visible in the new home store, these will also be made available to the new home site, but will only show up in a patient's history if the Share patient prescriptions over stores preference is turned on (see Setting dispensary mode preferences)

The text you put in the “Initials” field will print on dispensary labels.

Active status

If you have a prescriber that is no longer used, you can change their status to “inactive” and the prescriber will not show in the choice list when dispensing. Inactive prescribers will still show when you choose Special > Show Prescibers…

We suggest you might want to add a “Miscellanous Prescribers” item to the list, and use this if you have a lot of prescribers whose prescriptions you only dispense infrequently.


This field can be used to group prescribers together, and can then be used to filter prescribers when producing a transaction report.

Updated version 4.12

This item from the Special menu is used to merge two prescribers, where the same prescriber has inadvertently been entered twice. You are shown a window like this:

Enter the two prescriber names by entering the start of their surname or their code, and then pressing Tab . The top prescriber is the one who will be kept. The lower prescriber will be deleted.

Once you have entered the two names, check the details are correct, and then click OK. You will be warned one last time, and then the operation will be completed.

All transactions that recorded the deleted prescriber will now show the name of the prescriber that was kept.

Note that, from version 4.12, merging prescribers will be restricted to only those having the same home site.

For information on the procedure for importing a file containing your prescribers see Importing prescribers

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