27.01. Support and mSupply Up-to-Date program

This page explains what is covered by our support and mSupply Up-to-Date program charges. Please note that both charges are optional

Support covers all the ways we help you use mSupply well and keep it running. This includes communication via:

We also offer

What we provide

  • Help with “How do I ….. ?” questions.
  • Help if you think things aren't working correctly.
  • Installation of updates
  • Backups of your data to our cloud storage
  • We aim to give a first response to all support requests within 4 working hours, using working hours in Nepal (10am-6pm Nepal time). In reality we have much longer working hours, and are therefore able to respond outside Nepal working hours, because of our offices in New Zealand and staff in the UK.

Our Up-to-Date program provides you with the latest versions of mSupply for a fixed yearly fee.
New versions include:

  • Updates to the underlying database system that provide compatibility with new versions of Windows and MacOS as they are released.
  • Updates to the underlying database system that provide performance improvements or new capabilities. (For example in 2018 we installed 64 bit versions of mSupply that made many operations such as long reports ten times faster than before).
  • New features in mSupply - our version history is here: https://www.msupply.org.nz/history
  • Bug fixes

Members of our mSupply Up-to-Date program have their feature requests treated with priority. If these features are applicable to a wide user base they are often included for no extra charge.

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