16.06. Entering a new logo

  • The preferences described here (accessed through File > Preferences…) apply to all stores on an mSupply server.
  • In a synced system there will be multiple 'sync satellites' and these settings can be different on each sync satellite.
  • There are some settings that are 'per store' - refer Store preferences, and store preferences can be different for each store on an mSupply server.

Select File>Preferences. On the left hand side choose Logo.

If you want this logo to be printed on invoices then tick the box.

Copy your image onto your clipboard (control+c) and paste into the area provided (control+v). Be careful to use an image of the aspect ratio 2:1 (2 wide to 1 high) as mSupply will stretch the image to fill the available area.

  • Last modified: 2023/09/02 00:52
  • by Mark Glover