28.01. Sync Site Wizard

The sync site wizard is a tool to quickly create a sync site for a particular store. It does all the behind the scenes work for you, making sure that sync settings are updated for the store you are moving as well as for all the stores it has visible.

This Sync site wizard only allows a single store to be created on a sync site. However, after that is done, you can add other stores to that site in the usual fashion (editing store sync settings)

You can open the sync site wizard by choosing Special > Create sync site…

To use the sync site wizard you must:

  • Be on the central web server machine
  • Your mSupply user must have permission to “add/edit sync sites”

If you do not meet these criteria, you will be shown a warning and the wizard will not open.

First select a store. You can search in the Store name field by typing in it and pressing tab. This will present a list of stores to choose from, or if there is only one match it'll just select it. No matches will prompt “try again”. You can use “@” as a wild card to get all stores available.

The stores are restricted to those that are Active on the Primary server. This is to prevent accidentally moving stores being used on an existing sync site to a new site unintentionally.

Selecting a responsible officer is just like selecting a store. The responsible officer will be given permission to login to desktop, login to the store and will get the permission to add/edit users on the store.

If the store selected already has a responsible officer, this will automatically be selected and cannot be changed from the sync site wizard. If you need to, you can edit the responsible officer through the store editor.

The sync ID is used by the synchronisation system to identify what records go to which sites. It must be unique. This means it must not be one already used by an existing sync site.

It will already be filled with the number after the current largest sync ID used.

The site name is used for specifying on remote devices what sync site it is operating when configuring synchronisation.

The site name must also be unique. You may enter any text here. You may want to indicate what facility it is based in or what device it is.

The site password is used along with the site name when configuring a device to use the synchronisation system.

Make sure it is strong and record the password in a secure manner. We recommend a password manager like Bitwarden.

If you would like Sussol to be able to provide support, the site name and password will need to be recorded in Sussol's secure credentials repository. Please consult with Sussol on how to communicate the credentials in a secure manner.

Please don't send the credentials together in an email. This is not secure.

The site type simply indicates the intent to synchronise the sync site with mSupply Desktop or mSupply Mobile. As of v4.12, this setting has no functionality. Functionality around this is planned for the future.

To view and edit sync sites that you've created, you can do so through preferences.

We are continuing to work on accessibility of the synchronisation system. This includes new interfaces for viewing and editing sync sites in the near future.

  • Last modified: 2021/03/31 15:04
  • by Gary Willetts