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  • The item table stores one record for each item you supply.
  • Stock on hand of an item is not stored here - look in the “item_line” table
Field name Description Type Indexed
ABC_category Alpha 20
account_income_ID The ID of the account used when selling this item (not used unless linking to accounting software) UUID
account_purchases_ID The ID of the account used when buying this item (not used unless linking to accounting software) UUID
account_stock_ID The ID of the account used when holding stock (and asset) for this item (not used unless linking to accounting software) UUID
atc_category A WHO Anatomical/Thereapeutic classification Alpha 30
builds_only Only issue this item on builds Boolean
buy_price The notional buy price of the item in your home currency Real
catalogue_code A secondary code for the item- you can optionally include this code when searching for items Alpha 20 *
category_ID The ID of the category assigned to this item UUID *
category2_ID UUID
category3_ID UUID
code The item code Alpha 60 *
critical stock Boolean
cross_ref_item_ID UUID
ddd factor Real
ddd_value The defined daily dose for the item Alpha 8
default_pack_size The size used for comparing quotes Real
(default_price) Not an item field: Is set per-store, so is a field in item_store_join table Real
department_ID The key of the department this item belongs to (internal) UUID *
description Long description of the item Text
dose_picture Stores the image for patient medication Blob
essential_drug_list True if the item is on your essential drug list Boolean
expiry_date_mandatory If true, you will have to enter an expiry date when receiving this item on a goods receipt or supplier invoice Boolean
flags Used for quickly marking items for reporting purposes Alpha 161) *
hold_for_issue If true, this item can not be added to customer invoices Boolean
hold_for_receive If true, this item can not be received on supplier invoices Boolean
ID Internal reference UUID *
ignore_for_orders If true, this item will never be added to an order automatically Boolean
indic_price Real
instructions Text
interaction_group_ID UUID *
internal_analysis Real
is_sync Boolean
item_name The name of the item Alpha 80 *
item_type “gn” = general, “sv” = service, “cr” = cross reference Alpha 3
manufacture_method Text
margin The default margin for this item Real
medication_purpose Text
message Text that will be displayed in a window when this item is issued or received Text
non_stock True means that the item is immediately supplied to a particular customer on receipt. Boolean
non_stock_name_ID The ID of the customer (name) the item is to be supplied to UUID
normal_stock Boolean
other_names Used to record alternative names of the same item- can include brand names Text *
outer_pack_size Long
pack_to_one_on_recieve Boolean
price_editable Can the price be edited at issue time? Boolean
print_units_in_dis_labels Boolean
reference_bom_quantity The quantity that the entered bill of materials will produce Long
sms_code The code that the SMS sender uses to identify the item Alpha 20
sms_pack_size When an SMS user orders, this is the pack size they are referring to Real *
start_of_year_date Date
strength Used if reports need the strength separate to the item name [from version 4.04] Real
strenghtUnits If strength is specified, this is the units (e.g. “mg”) [from version 4.04] Text
unit_ID The internal key of the units for this item UUID *
user_field_1 for customised use by user. Labels for user fields can be set in the preferences Alpha 30
user_field_2 for customised use by user Alpha 30
user_field_3 for customised use by user Alpha 30
user_field_4 for customised use by user Boolean
user_field_5 for customised use by user Real
user_field_6 for customised use by user Alpha 80
user_field_7 for customised use by user Boolean *
VEN_category for customised use by user Text
volume_per_outer_pack Real
volume_per_pack volume in m3 for one reference pack Real
warning_quantity attempts to issue greater than this quantity will give the user an alert to stop accidental issuing of large quantities Long
weight the weight in kg of one reference pack Real

Increased from 8 in v3.13
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  • by Dhanya