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Field name Description Type Ind
BenchMarkSupplier_ID The ID of the supplier we are using as a benchmark to compare prices with for this tender UUID
closing_time The time that the tender closes (in UTC) Time
comment User entered comment Text
conditions Specific conditions imposed by you on suppliers participating in this tender Text
created_by_user_ID UUID *
creation_date Date
Create_split_deliveries If true, multiple deliveries for the one supplier will be created. Boolean
desc Alpha (80)
due_date The closing date of the tender Date
EmailSubject Text
ID The unique ID of the tender UUID *
issue_date Date
locked If true, the tender can not be deleted Boolean
our_ref Alpha
po_calc_method Long
Print_Item_desc Boolean
Print_Tender_conditions If true the tender conditions will be printed along with the list of items Boolean
RequestDeliveryDate Date
status Alpha (3)
store_ID UUID
TargetDays Long Integer
tender_inter_month long Integer
TenderSyncStatus Alpha

Tender lines

Field name Description Type Ind
COLOUR Long Integer
comment Text
conditions Text
generated_qty The quantity that was suggested when (if) the tender was auto-generated. The user will edit the noOfPacks (below), not this field Real
ID Unique ID of the line UUID *
indicative_price User entered price that is expected for this item Real
item_ID The unique ID of the item that this tender line is for UUID *
item_name Copied from the name of the item when it is chosen (to ensure the item name at the time of the tender is preserved, even if the master record in mSupply is edited Alpha (80)
is_synced Boolean
line_number The row number that is saved so the row ordering can be maintained Long Integer
noOfPacks How many packs you expect to buy Real
pack_size The pack size requested (suppliers may offer in other pack sizes) Real
totalQuantity The product of noOfPacks x pack_size Real
SELECTION_NOTES User entered text that may explain criteria for choosing a winner of this line. Text
unit_ID The ID of the item units you are specifying for this tender line UUID *
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