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Table name is transact. Transactions are customer invoices, supplier invoices, inventory adjustments, customer credits, supplier credits, repacks etc.

Field name Description Type Ind
name_ID UUID of the name (customer/supplier) associated with the transaction (if any) UUID *
ID UUID of the transaction (not usually visible to the user UUID *
invoice_num Invoice number given by mSupply Long *
amount_outstanding The amount remaining to be paid by the supplier or customer (zero if payments module is not activated). Real
arrival_date_estimated Estimated date goods will reach facility to supply/customer -only applies to type “CI” Date
arrival_date_actual Actual date goods reached facility to supply/customer -only applies to type “CI” Date
budget_period_ID The ID of the budget period the transaction is assigned to (may be different to logical period from Long
category_ID The ID of the category of the transaction Long *
comment The comment text entered by the user Text
colour The colour assigned to the transaction (longint version of hex RGB) Long
confirm_date The date the invoice was confirmed Date *
confirm_time The time the invoice was confirmed Time *
contact_ID The ID of the contact associated with this transaction UUID *
currency_ID The ID of the currency of the transaction String 20
currency_rate The currency rate of the transaction Real
cust_transaction_ID The ID of the associated customer invoice if there is one (for stock transfers) Long
date_order_received Date the requistion/order was received from customer/facility to supply -only applies to type “CI” Date
date_order_written Date the requistion/order was created by the customer/facility to supply -only applies to type “CI” Date
donor_default_ID The ID of the donor to assign to transaction_lines as they are created UUID
encounter_id The id of the HIS encounter. Related: HIS.encounter_id UUID
entry_date The date the transaction was created Date
export_batch The batch number supplied by mSupply when the invoice was finalised. Long
foreign_currency_total Total in currency of the supplier/customer real
goods_received_ID The ID of the goods receipt that generated this transactions- applies to type “SI” only UUID *
hold If true, the transaction status can not be changed, stopping putting goods in or out of stock, or finalising an invoice Boolean
invoice_printed_date Date the invoice was first printed (invoices are printed once status is “CN” - only for type “CI”) Date
is_authorised True if transaction has been authorised Booelan
is_cancellation True if the transaction is a cancellation of an existing transaction (i.e. a contra) Long
local_charge_distributed Any charges locally applied to a receipt transaction (used to calculate costs-included selling price) Real
linked_goods_received_ID The ID of the goods received note created from a customer invoice in an internal requisition Alpha 255 *
mode_ID 0 for store, 1 for dispensary Long
mwks_sequence_num The id of the corresponding transaction in Moneyworks Long
number_of_cartons Number of cartons the order was shipped in Long
original_PO_id The ID of the Purchase Order that generated this transaction Long *
requisition_ID ID requisition that this transaction was created from
(Only applies to customer invoices. New field from version 3.6)
responsible_officer_ID ID of the user responsible for shipping goods UUID
pickslip_printed_date Date of first pickslip printing (not updated with subsequent printing) Date
prescriber_ID ID of the prescriber (for prescriptions) UUID *
ship_date Date the order was shipped (for type “CI”) Date
ship_method_comment Alpha 80
ship_method_ID UUID
status A 2 letter code denoting the status of the transaction. See Transaction Codes Alpha 3
subtotal The subtotal of transaction lines plus extra charges excluding tax Real
tax Tax (value) on the subtotal Real
type The transaction type. See Transaction Types here Alpha 3
total The subtotal plus the tax amount (see below) Real
their_ref The reference supplied by the other party for the transaction Alpha 80
service_descrip Description of any service items on the invoice Alpha 60
service_price The amount of any extra charges added to the invoice (or discount) Real
subtotal Total of all price extensions plus the service price Real
tax The tax amount of the invoice Real
user_ID The user id number of the user who created the invoice UUID
user1 Alpha 50
user2 Alpha 50
user3 Alpha 50
user4 Alpha 50
waybill_number Alpha 50
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