28.11. Benefits of a multi-store system

When you have mSupply installed in a multi-store system, and the store operators have been faithfully recording stock transactions (receiving, issuing) and doing stock takes and finalising the inventory adjustments, then mSupply can do all the hard work of getting them to work together.

  1. Generate a Suggested order quantities report to get a sense of what is needed. Review it to make sure that it makes sense, then,
  2. If you are ordering to a supplier outside of your mSupply system, Create a new (calculated) purchase order
  3. If you are ordering to another store in our mSupply system, generate an Internal Order

    Internal orders do not include pack sizes; all items are ordered in 'single' units.

In the supplying store:

  1. Process the order from the customer This is the opportunity for the store manager to review any orders and adjust quantities to be issued (for example, because of a need to ration scarce stock).
  2. Create the customer invoice including, if possible, using the Grinder button to automatically select stock based on FEFO

    While requisitions do not include pack sizes; this is taken in to account when stock lines are selected. mSupply does allow decimal quantities. You may wish to review and amend any decimal quantities prior to printing the picking list, but this is not actually necessary because your stock pickers can make necessary changes… see below

When the picker comes across a line with a decimal quantity, the should take the initiative to round up or down the quantity picked to a whole number and record that on the picking slip accordingly.

In the receiving store, when the stock has arrived:

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