17.08. Importing supplier invoices

From the Supplier menu, the Import invoice command allows you to import an invoice generated by one of your suppliers who also uses mSupply. You will be presented with an open/save window where you should locate the invoice file to be imported.

  • The invoice must have been generated by the “export invoice” command in another copy of mSupply.
  • The item codes in your copy of mSupply must have your supplier codes entered (see below). If mSupply attempts to import a code that it does not know, the import process will stop.
  • Once an invoice has been imported, you are still free to edit it. You should check the invoice against a paper copy when it arrives.
  • After import the file is edited so that if you attempt to import an invoice again you will not be able to. This prevents accidental double-importing of the same invoice.

If you are importing invoices from a supplier, you must perform the following steps:

  1. enter a quotation for each item you receive from the supplier. This is done from the quotes tab of the item details window, or from the quotes tab of the supplier details window.
  2. enter the supplier code for the item in the supplier code field of the quotation. There is no need to enter other details for the quotation if you do not want to.

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