22.01. DHIS2 integration

DHIS2 is an open source data warehouse that can be used to store, aggregate and display Health data. mSupply can pushing data periodically to a DHIS2 instance. Before this can happen, the data to be sent and any calculations that need to be made will need to be configured.

DHIS2 stores data values that have 3 dimensions:

DHIS2 Dimension Description mSupply typical mapping
organisation unit Can be a facility, or a region The customer/store in mSupply
data element The type of data that is stored Usually a combination of an item code and the type-
for instance “SOH_368c74bf” for the stock on hand of Amoxycillin 250mg Capsules (using the universal code from https://codes.msupply.foundation/detail/368c74bf
Period The historical time period associated with the data Same in mSupply

With that DHIS2 has the power to show different types of data for different places of interest on various graphs. It can also aggregate those values in hierarchical groups.

  1. Stock on hand
  2. Stock expiring
  3. Value of stock on hand
  4. Critical items availability

Now mSupply can be connected to DHIS2 using the preferences to enter the database credentials:

Once configured, a scheduler will run and regularly send data from mSupply to DHIS2. In order for this to work, you first need to have a DHIS2 instance that has links with mSupply for each organisation unit and data element.

Contact our team to help you to create the specific data elements on DHIS2 accordingly with the data that you want to be sent. We will configure it for your specific situation.

This has been done already for Laos and countries that are part of the Tupaia project including Kiribati, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, with some more to come.

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