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A name is a customer, supplier, patient, manufacturer or donor, or maybe a combination of these.

Field name Description Type Indexed
ID The unique ID given to this name Long *
Related to asset.name_id, backorder.name_id_customer, backorder.name_id_supplier, contact.name_ID, Goods_received_line.manufacturer_ID, HIS_encoutner.PATIENT_ID, item_line.name_ID, item_line.manufacturer_ID, item_store_join.non_stock_name_ID, list_group.name_id, list_name_join.name_ID, name_budget.name_ID, name_note.name_ID, name_stock_history.name_ID, name_store_join.name_ID, patient_medication.name_ID, purchase_order.name_ID, purchase_order_line.non_stock_name_ID, quote.names_ID, quote_line.manufacturer_ID, quote_line.name_ID, regimen_record.name_ID, repeat_table.name_ID, store.name_ID, transact.name_ID, web_favourite.name_ID, tender.benchmarkSupplier_ID,[goods_received]donor_id,[item_line]donor_id, [purchase_order]donor_id, [trans_line]donor_id
name Name's name Alpha *
barcode Set to the code field with an '*' at either end. Doesn't seem to be used for anything… Alpha
Benchmark True if name is a benchmark supplier, against which others' prices are to be compared Boolean
bill_address1 Billing address line 1 Alpha
bill_address2 Billing address line 2 Alpha
bill_address3 Billing address line 3 Alpha
bill_address4 Billing address line 4 Alpha
bill_address5 Billing address line 5 Alpha
bill_postal_zip_code Billing address postcode Alpha
Blood_Group Patients only: patient's blood group Alpha
category1_ID ID of the category1 level3 category this name has been assigned to Long *
category2_ID ID of the category2 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category3_ID ID of the category3 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category4_ID ID of the category4 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category5_ID ID of the category5 category the name is assigned to Longint *
category6_ID ID of the category6 category the name is assigned to Longint *
charge code Code to charge a name's transactions to when exporting Alpha *
code This name's code Alpha *
comment Comment stored against this name Text
connection_type The type of connection to the internet the name has: 1=low bandwidth, 2=high bandwidth Integer
country Billing address country Alpha
currency_ID Supplier only: ID of the currency this supplier uses Alpha
custom1 Custom field 1 contents - defined by user Alpha
custom2 Custom field 2 contents - defined by user Alpha
custom3 Custom field 3 contents - defined by user Alpha
custom_data Custom data stored as values and fields. Also facility code for DHIS2 data is placed here Object
customer True if this name is a customer Boolean *
date_of_birth Patients only: patient's date of birth Date
default_order_days The default number of days that this customer orders for in a customer stock history Integer
donor True if the name is a donor Boolean *
email Name's email address. You can put multiple email addresses here separated by commas. Alpha
ethnicity_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's ethnicity Longint *
fax Name's phone number Alpha
female Patients only: True if female, False if male Boolean
first Patients only: patient's first name Alpha *
flag Comma separated list of flags assigned to this name Alpha
freightfac Multiplier to apply to quote lines to account for freight charges. Real
group_ID ID of the department this name has been assigned to Long *
hold If true, you can't issue or receive items to/from this name Boolean
is_deleted Only used for patients in mobile. Soft delete flag i.e. patients with this set to true are not displayed or included in search results Boolean
isDeceased Only used for patients in mobile. Set to true if the patient has died Boolean
last Patients only: patient's last name Alpha *
latitude The degrees latitude of the name's location Real
longitude The degrees longitude of the name's location Real
manufacturer True if this name is a manufacturer Boolean *
margin The margin applied to the cost price of this supplier's goods to calculate the sell price Real
marital_status Patients only: patient's marital status Alpha
Master_RTM_Supplier_Code The code this supplier has in the RTM Longint *
Master_RTM_Supplier_name The name of this supplier in the RTM Alpha
middle Patients only: patient's middle name Alpha
mother_id Patients only: ID of the patient's mother (another patient) Longint *
national_health_number Patients only: patient's national health number Alpha
NEXT_OF_KIN_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's next of kin (another patient) Longint *
next_of_kin_relative Relation that is patient's next of kin e.g. 'Parent' Alpha
occupation_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's occupation Longint *
om_created_datetime The time a name was created. Used by Open mSupply in a sync system. Time
om_gender Gender, used by Open mSupply in a sync system. mSupply only has male and female as choices, Open mSupply has a much wider selection of options Text
ordering_method The type of customer stock history this customer uses: im=imprest, sh=stock history Alpha
overpayment Deprecated as of v4.11 and not used - calculated as needed Amount overpaid to a customer from a supplier Real
PATIENT_PHOTO Patients only: patient's photo Picture
phone Name's phone number Alpha
POBOX Patients only: the patient's PO Box, part of their address Alpha
postal_address1 Postal address line 1 Alpha
postal_address2 Postal address line 2 Alpha
postal_address3 Postal address line 3 Alpha
postal_address4 Postal address line 4 Alpha
postal_address5 Postal address line 5 Alpha
postal_zip_code Postal address postcode Alpha
preferred If true this supplier is a preferred supplier when comparing bids in a tender Boolean
price_category The price category (A-F) this name is assigned to Alpha
print_invoice_alphabetical If true, invoice lines are printed in alphabetical order for this name Boolean
religion_ID Patients only: ID of the patient's religion Longint *
sacho The name's web login password BLOB
ship_address1 Shipping address line 1 Alpha
ship_address2 Shipping address line 2 Alpha
ship_address3 Shipping address line 3 Alpha
ship_address4 Shipping address line 4 Alpha
ship_address5 Shipping address line 5 Alpha
ship_postal_zip_code Shipping address postcode Alpha
supplier True if this name is a supplier Boolean *
title Patients only: patient's title (Mr, Ms etc.) Alpha
type (v3.5 on) “store” - a name associated with an mSupply virtual store
“invad” - a reserved name used for inventory adjustment transactions
“build” - a reserved name used for build transactions
“repack” - a reserved name used for repack transactions
“patient” - patients
“facility” - a supplier or customer who is external to your mSupply virtual store system (see booleans name.customer and name.supplier for differentiation)
Alpha *
url Web page of this name. Includes “http://” Alpha
web_id The user name used to log on to the web interface Alpha *
ZIP Postal address postcode Longint
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