Purchase Orders

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Field name Description Type Indexed
additional_instructions Text
agent_commission Real
auth_checksum Text
authorizing_officer_1 Text
authorizing_officer_2 Text
budget_period_ID Long
category_ID Long*
colour Long
comment Text
communications_charge Real
confirm_date Date
cost_in_local_currency Real
created_by Long
creation_date Date
curr_rate Real
currency_ID Alpha
Date_advance_payment Date
Date_contract_signed Date
Date_goods_received_at_port Date
delivery_method Text
document_charge Real
donor_id Long
editedRemotely Boolean
freight Real
freight_charge Real
freight_conditions Text
heading_message Text
IDUnique identifier of this recordLong*
include_in_on_order_calcs Boolean
insurance_charge Real
inv_discount_amount Real
inv_sub_total Real
is_authorised Boolean
last_edited_by Long
lines Long
locked Boolean
name_IDThe unique ID of the supplier to whom this PO is sentLong*
Order_total_after_discount Real
Order_total_before_discount Real
po_sent_date Date
quote_ID Long
reference Alpha
requested_delivery_date Date
status When created: SG
When send to supplier: CN
When finished receiving: FN
store_ID Long
supplier_agent Text
supplier_discount_amount Real
target_monthsThe number of days targeted when quantities were auto-generatedReal
total_foreign_currency_expected Real
total_local_currency_expected Real
user_field_1 Alpha
user_field_2 Alpha


  • v3.1: target_days (long) changed to target_months (real)
  • Last modified: 2020/01/07 01:04
  • by lou