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  • internal name: requisition
  • was “name_stock_history” up to & including version 3.5. “Requisition” from version 3.6
Field name Description Type Ind
custom_data Contains any custom values set for a requisition. Key “reporting_period_size” (values “month” or “quarter”) contains the size of reporting period the requisition is for Object
comment Comment for the entire requisition (response type will show the request number here) text
date_entered The date the customer's data was entered Date
date_order_received Date the order reached your premises (from the customer) Date
date_stock_take The date the customer recorded the stock on hand data at their store Date
daystosupply The number of days stock they should be given long
ID The unique ID of this record UUID *
linked_purchase_order_id The unique ID of the purchase order related to the request UUID
linked_requisition_id The unique ID link to the request requisition (case type is response) UUID
name_ID The name ID of the other party of the request (supplier) or response (customer) UUID *
nsh_custinv_ID The ID of the customer invoice created from this record UUID
previous_csh_id The ID of the requisition that was submitted before this one UUID
requester_reference Text with the serial_number of other store requisition (case type is response) text
serial_number Next sequence number to be used for virtual on next requisition long
status The status of the record SG = suggested
CN = confirmed
FN = finalised
WP = web: still in progress
WF = finalised by customer after web submission
store_ID The ID of the store the order belongs to (request) or ID of the supplying store (response) UUID
type im for imprest (where each item has a pre-determined max quantity and the facility submits their current stock on hand) or
sh for stock history, where the facility submits stock on hand, and their history is used to determine a supply quantity
request A request from a facility where they determine the quantity. If between facilities, duplicate supply requisition is created on finalisation in the supplying store
response A response to the request created for the suppling store
supply the supplying store's copy of a request requisition
report A requisition that is for reporting purposes only.
user_ID The ID of the user who entered the data UUID

Requisition Line

  • Contains all the lines on a requisition
  • internal name: requisition_line
  • was “nsh_line” up to and including version 3.5
Field name Description Type Ind
actualquan quantity to be supplied real
adjusted_consumption A consumption value for an item adjusted for days out of stock real
colour colour of the row when displayed long
comment Comment per each line text
Cust_loss_adjust Records any losses or gains in stock levels that aren't normal consumption/receipts. real
Cust_prev_stock_balance the stock on hand at the previous stocktake (calculated) real
Cust_stock_order The calculated amount of stock to give the user. real
Cust_stock_received The amount of stock received by customer between previous requisition record
for this item and the current stocktake (calculated).
daily_usage ID of the record UUID *
ID ID of the record UUID *
imprest_or_prev_quantity Imprest quantity defined for each item for the user. real
item_ID ID of the item this line is for UUID *
linked_requisition_line_id ID of the same requisition_line on the request (for response requisition_lines) UUID
line_number The saved row number for ordering items in the requisition. (1,2, etc) long
previous_stock_on_hand the previous amount of stock on hand on the customer store real
requisition_ID ID of the requisition record this record is related to (see above) UUID *
stock_on_hand the stock the customer reported for this item this stocktake real
suggested_quantity the amount of stock suggested for the customer to order real
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