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Field number Field Name Description Type Length Index
11comment Text
4created_by_ID Alpha
10Description Alpha
6finalised_by_ID Alpha
1ID Alpha Y
7invad_additions_ID Alpha
8invad_reductions_ID Alpha
12Locked Boolean
15serial_number Long Integer
5status Alpha
13stock_take_created_date Date
2stock_take_date Date
3stock_take_time Time
9store_ID Alpha
14type Alpha “cons” - used by mSupply internally to create a stocktake from raw per-item totals submitted by a mobile store (short for consolidated)
Field number Field Name Description Type Length Index
13Batch Alpha
9Colour Long Integer
11cost_price Real
10expiry Date
1ID Alpha Y
14item_ID Alpha
3item_line_ID Alpha Y
7line_number Long Integer
8location_id Alpha Y
12sell_price Real
5snapshot_packsize Real
4snapshot_qty Real
2stock_take_ID Alpha Y
6stock_take_qty Real
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