Transaction lines

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Table name is trans_line. Contains the lines that belong to transactions.

Field name Description Type Indexed
batch The batch ID of the item received or issued Alpha 20
box_number The box ID or ID's that the item has been packed to for distribution purposes Alpha 80
cost_price The cost of the item in local currency during purchase Real
donor_id This is used if stock receipt and distribution is to be tracked by donors. Long
expiry_date The expiry date of this line on the invoice Date
foreign_currency_price While purchasing, this field is used to log cost of items in suppliers foreign currency. Real
goods_received_lines_ID This field is filled if the stock came via mSupply's ordering system Long *
ID Internal tracking number used by mSupply Long *
is_from_inventory_adjustment True if the item was added or removed via the stock take module Boolean *
item_ID Key of the item to which it belongs Long *
item_line_ID The key of the item line (stock line) that the transaction line belongs to Long *
item_name The item name (stored to give data integrity for historical transactions even if the related item name is later changed) Alpha 80
line_number The sequential line number on the invoice Long
linked_transact_id Stores the id of a transaction being paid Alpha 255
local_charge_line_total Field to account for local freight or custom cost when receiving stock. Real
location_ID Used to assign stock to location or for stock picking purposes. Long *
manufacturer_ID Used to specify the manufacturer of the batch. Long
note Note or directions if a dispensary line Text
order_lines_ID Stores the Order line ID if the stock was received via mSupply's ordering system. Long *
pack_inners_in_outer Long
pack_size The number of items in a carton. Real
pack_size_inner Long
price_extension Total cost price or sell price for the line. Real
quantity Quantity issued (in number of packs) Real
repeat_ID In dispensary mode, patients may be called to repeat prescriptions. Real *
sell_price The sell price for a single packsize. Real
source_backorder_id Used if customer backorders are being full-filled. Long
supp_trans_line_ID_ns Used if customer Non stock items orders are being issued. Long
transaction_ID Key of the transaction to which it belongs Long *
user_1 Custom field Alpha 20
user_2 Custom field Alpha 20
user_3 Custom field Alpha 20
user_4 Custom field Alpha 40
volume_per_pack Volume for a single packsize in m3 Real
weight The total weight for this line (NOT for each item) Real
type The type of the transaction line
“stock_out” for all CIs, SCs, the issue line on a repack which is the first line of a repack
“stock_in” for all CCs, SIs, the received line(s) on a repack which are all other lines of a repack
“placeholder” for all placeholder lines which, in previous versions of mSupply, were all lines of table [trans_line] that had a Neg ID's in field [trans_line]item_line_ID.
“cash_in” for cash receipts
“cash_out” for cash payments
“non_stock” for non-stock transactions on customer invoices
“service” for service items
user_5_ID The ID of the custom field 5 record selected for this transaction line. Text *
user_6_ID The ID of the custom field 6 record selected for this transaction line. Text *
user_7_ID The ID of the custom field 7 record selected for this transaction line. Text *
user_8_ID The ID of the custom field 8 record selected for this transaction line. Text *
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