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A store is a separate silo of stock.

Field number Field Name Description Type Length Index
4address_1Address of the store- row 1 Alpha
5address_2Address of the store- row 2 Alpha
6address_3Address of the store- row 3 Alpha
7address_4Address of the store- row 4 Alpha
8address_5Address of the store- row 5 Alpha
9Postal/Zip CodePostal/Zip code of the store- row 6 Alpha
10PhonePhone Number of the store- row 6 Alpha
3codeA unique code for the store Alpha
12disabledIf true, the store is disabled, and can't be logged in to or used for transfers Boolean
1IDThe unique ID of the store Long Integer Y
6IS_HIS Deprecated: see mode below Boolean
13logo A jpg or png graphic for the logo to use for this store (can be printed on invoices etc) Picture
19store_type “store” if this store runs in “store” mode
“dispensary” if this store runs in dispensary mode
“his” if this store runs in HIS mode
“drug_registration” if this store runs in Drug Registration mode
5mwks_export_mode Alpha
2NameThe name of the store Alpha
4name_ID The ID of the name record associated with this store. Each store has a name record associated with it for stock transfers (internal use) Long Integer
3Organisation_name The name of the organisation- printed on invoices Alpha
18postal_zip_code The zip or post code of the store Alpha
9responsible_user_IDThe ID of the user responsible for this store. Long Integer
7sort_issues_by_statusIf true, this store sorts issues by status Boolean
14sync_id_remote_siteInternal use (the unique remote ID of this store for synchronisation) Long Integer
11TagsText containing space delimited list of tags assigned to the store (added: v3.17) text keyword
16user fields 1 to 16user fields 1 to 16 text
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