24.02. Other tables

Name of table Description of table
Abbreviations Stores abbreviation codes and their expansion for dispensing directions
Account_code Stores account codes associated with each item
Authorisations Tables that store authorisers and pending authorisations
Backorders One record for Customer backorder.
Bill of Materials One record for each mSupply user
Cold chain (sensors and temperature logs) Everything to do with storing cold chain records
Contacts One record for each contact
Currency One record for each curency
Custom stock fields Holds the details of the values that are selectable in the 5th - 8th user fields when receiving stock
Drug interactions Drug interactions and Drug interaction groups
Item Categories One record for item category
Item Departments The departments that an item can be assigned to
Item Directions The default directions that are assigned to items
Item notes The notes that are attached to items
Item Warning Link A join table that stores which items have which warnings
Labels Miscellaneous labels
Location Each record contains one shelf location.
Log Each record contains one event recorded by mSupply
Name category tables Tables that store the categories that can be assigned to names (customers, suppliers, donors, manufacturers etc.)
Prescribers One record for each prescriber
Regimen records, Regimen and Regimen Lines Everything to do with storing ARV regimen records
Reminders A reminder is an event with a due date- like a to-do
Stores Stores and join tables that control access per-store
Users One record for each mSupply user
Warnings The warnings which can be attached to items

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