Purchase Order Lines

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Field name Description Type Indexed
batch Alpha
comment Text
cost_from_invoice Real
cost_local Real
delivery_date_expected Date
delivery_date_requested Date
expiry Date
ID The ID of purchase order line Long*
item_ID The item_ID of purchase order line Long*
item_name The item name of the related item name Alpha
line_number Long
location_ID Long
manufacturer_ID Long
non_stock_name_ID Long
note Text
note_has_been_actioned Boolean
note_show_on_goods_rec Boolean
pack_units Alpha
packsize_ordered Real
price_expected_after_discount Real
price_extension_before_discount Real
price_extension_expected Real
purchase_order_ID Long*
quan_adjusted_order Real
quan_original_order Real
quan_rec_to_date Real
quote_line_ID Long
spare_estmated_cost Real
store_ID Long*
supplier_code Alpha
volume_per_pack Real
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