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The Usage tab allows you to view the historic item usage per month in the store that you are logged in to. This information is very useful for quickly spotting a trend in usage for a particular item.

Below the list of usage for each month there is a drop down list to choose from 1 to 24 months. After choosing a value, the Mean (average) usage and Standard deviation figures will be updated to give the figures for the period chosen (the period is from the selected number of months ago to the current day).

Refresh usage button: This button allows you to update the usage with transactions that were added since you opened the window (this applies to multi-user mode). It also allows you to show the usage with or without build transactions included in the totals, depending on whether or not the Include builds checkbox is checked.

If a user has the View items permission but not the Edit items permission, they are still able to use the functionality described here to investigate the usage of items in 'this' store (that they are logged in to) since this makes no changes to the properties of the item itself.

Show Graph button

Clicking the Show Graph button shows the same information in a graphical format:

One coloured set of bars shows the usage for the current year, another coloured set shows the usage for the previous year (if data is available).


Refer to the section on Forecasting to see how the lower part of the Usage tab can be used.

  • Last modified: 2021/04/28 13:13
  • by Gary Willetts