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Field name Description Type Length Ind
ID Long *
name Alpha 50
startup_method Alpha 50
spare_must_be_field Alpha 30
nblogins Long
lastlogin Date
group Integer
mode Alpha 8
qdump_offset_b BLOB
active Boolean
permissions BLOB
lasttime Time
initials Alpha 4
first_name Alpha 50
last_name Alpha 50
date_of_birth Date
address_1 Alpha 50
address_2 Alpha 50
e_mail Alpha 50
phone1 Alpha 50
phone2 Alpha 50
date_created Date
date_left Date
job_title Alpha 50
responsible_officer Boolean
custom_data Contains any custom values set for a user. Key “name_category1_level2_id” contains the name category1, level 2 that the user is assigned to Object
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