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Why mSupplyWhy mSupply?

Who uses it?Who uses mSupply?

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mSupply Mobile

The Mobile (Android) user guideMobile (Android) user guide - new, featuring offline operation

For Geeks: The Mobile APImSupply Mobile API

Where the internet is flaky: The Sync APImSupply Sync API



The Tutorial like no otherThe Tutorial like no other

Working with listsWorking with lists

Logging inLogging in


Item BasicsItems

Adding a new itemAdding a New item

Item categoriesItem categories

Item master listsItem master lists

LocationsLocations and Location types

Manufacturing itemsBuilding (Manufacturing) Items

Merge two itemsMerging two items

Ad hoc itemsAd Hoc items

Non stock itemsNon-stock items

Drug interaction groupsManage drug interaction groups

Managing item accessManaging Item Access...

Prices in mSupplyPrices in mSupply

Splitting a stock lineSplitting a stock line

Repacking itemsRepacking Items


Show items with stockShow items with stock

Inventory adjustmentsInventory adjustments




Names: using, adding and editingNames: Using, adding and editing


Name categoriesName Categories

Merging namesMerge two names....

Suppliers - adding,viewingSuppliers: Adding and Viewing

Tender Management

IntroductionIntroduction to Tender Management

Standard ConditionsStandard conditions

Adding suppliersAdding suppliers to a tender

Reference DocumentsReference Documents

Receiving quotationsReceiving Quotations from suppliers

Using Benchmark PricesUsing Benchmark prices

Supplier responses and Creating Purchase OrdersSupplier responses & Creating Purchase Orders

Suppliers instructions: tender web interfaceSupplier instructions for using the tender submission web interface

Uploading and downloading web tendersUploading and Downloading Web Tenders


Ordering from SuppliersOrdering Items From Suppliers

Managing Purchase OrdersManaging Purchase Orders

Purchase order categoriesPurchase Order categories.

Ordering from one store to anotherOrdering from one store to another

Receiving Goods

Supplier InvoicesReceiving Goods - a Supplier Invoice

Goods ReceiptsReceiving goods (Goods Receipt function)

Supplier creditNew Supplier credit....

Editing pack sizesEditing Pack Sizes

Show outstanding PO linesShow outstanding Purchase Order lines....

Managing DonorsManaging Donors

Custom stock fieldsCustom stock fields

Issuing Goods

Issuing goods to a customerIssuing Goods to a Customer (Customer Invoices)

Viewing customer invoicesViewing customer invoices

Returned goods from a customer- a Customer CreditCustomer credits


Electronic InvoicesElectronic invoices

Transferring goods to another StoreTransferring goods to another Store

Printing invoicesPrinting invoices

Box ManagementBox Management

Stock Control methods for your customersStock Control methods for your customers

Customer BudgetsCustomer Budgets

Payments and Receipts

Payments to SuppliersPayments to Suppliers

Receiving payment from CustomersReceiving payment from Customers

Import & Export

Importing ItemsImporting Items

Importing Items & StockImporting items & stock

Importing Customers, Suppliers, PatientsImporting Customers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Patients

Importing PrescribersImporting prescribers

Importing AbbreviationsImporting abbreviations

Importing Supplier InvoicesImporting a supplier invoice

Importing customer budgetsImporting customer budgets

Importing locationsImporting locations

Exporting invoicesExporting invoices

Exporting items and stockExporting Items and Items & stock

Exporting namesExporting names

Exporting to MYOBExporting to MYOB

Exporting recordsExporting records


Dispensary modeDispensary Mode


AbbreviationsUsing abbreviations

Printing PreferencesPrinting Preferences (setup)


Patient Medication RecordsPatient Medication Records

Hospital Information System

IntroductionWhy an HIS module for mSupply?

Setting up wards and bedsSetting up wards and beds

Using ICD10 disease codesICD10 disease codes


Other listsOther lists

HIS preferencesHIS preferences

Patients: adding, editing and usingPatients




General Preferences?*General Preferences

Invoice PreferencesInvoices Preferences

Purchase OrdersPurchase Order Preferences



DashboardSetting up Dashboards


Report BasicsReport Basics

The Pagepro report editorThe PagePro Report Editor

Custom reports tutorialCustom Reporting Tutorial

Item & stock reportsItems and Stock reports

ATC Based reportsATC based reports

Customer order shortfallCustomer Ordered Shortfall Report


Transaction ReportsTransactions reports

Other ReportsOther Reports

Web Interface

IntroductionIntroduction to web interfaces

Web ServerThe mSupply Web Server

mSupply Mobile (Android) Users GuideMobile (Android) user guide - new, featuring offline operation

mSupply Customer InterfacemSupply Customer Interface

The DashboardThe Dashboard

The Online CatalogueThe Online Catalogue

mSupply Mobile APImSupply Mobile API

Other Stuff


Foreign Currency TransactionsUsing Foreign Currencies in Transactions

Invoice AuthorisationAuthorisation

Miscellaneous labelsMisc labels

Keyboard shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts

Miscellaneous topicsMiscellaneous topics

Tips and TricksTips and Tricks


Remote synchronisationRemote Synchronisation

Transaction CodesTransaction Codes


The Edit menuThe Edit Menu

Transaction categoriesTransaction categories

Virtual storesVirtual stores

Custom DataCustom Data

FrontlineSMS IntegrationFrontlineSMS integration

Asset managementAsset Management

ARV regimen data recordingARV regimen data recording


Using the mSupply Remote ClientUsing the mSupply Remote Client

eLMIS interfaceThe mSupply eLMIS interface



UsersChanging users and Passwords


Field descriptionsField descriptions

Finalising transactionsFinalising transactions

Managing data filesManaging Data Files

Client-server installation2mSupply Client/Server installation | mSupply Server Administration

Configure Dispensary modemSupply Dispensary Installation

Managing user accessManaging users

Set start of year stock.Set start of year stock

Show connected usersShow connected users

Help menuThe Help Menu

The LogThe log


How to correct wrong packsizesHow to correct wrong packsizes

How to report by invoice categoryHow to report by invoice category

Why is my stock balance report showing negativeWhy is my stock balance report showing negative

How to remove stock lines that have ‘0’ availableHow to remove stock lines that have ‘0’ available

Tips and tricksTips and Tricks

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